We seek mountains, rivers, and open air in Bend, and surrounding areas of Central Oregon. We'll load up the pack, hit the trail, and come back feeling content, because a tired dog IS a good dog!



Hi! I'm Rachel,

But I often go by Rae. To say that dogs are the love of my life would be an understatement. I think I was born with the love, but as I spend more and more time with dogs, the admiration for them keeps growing. As a child, I had my own pet sitting and dog walking business. My parents would have to drive me to my client’s homes, or I would ride my bike. I laugh at the thought now, but at the time I took it pretty seriously. I started working at a veterinary clinic, moved on to a luxury boarding and daycare facility, and eventually opened my own professional pet sitting and dog walking business in Madison, Wisconsin. Oh yeah, that’s right. I grew up in the Midwest. After 5 years, my nudge to check out a new city took me to Austin, Texas. I jumped right in at an emergency animal hospital, and kept dog walking during my free time. As much as I loved the big city, I missed the four seasons, and the opportunities to get out and explore. The mountains were calling and I had to come. So here we are, in Central Oregon!

Woof, I'm Skyla.

I'm my mom's soulmate of the four-legged kind. I'm a Rottweiler/Boxer mix who has a lot to say. Full of personality and I'm not afraid to show it.

Life motto: "Large and in charge"

Ruff, I'm Clyde.

I'm a Boxer. I'm so full of life, and love to bring you a toy or "sacrifice" to say hello. I'm as goofy as I am adorable.

Life motto: "I'm a limited edition"



Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR Certified

Insured and licensed